Nutchomthorn Sabaibang, Marketing Consultant

Brand:  iConnect International, supporting ICE brand
Category:  Spa and skincare products

The overall atmosphere of the fair was good. We had the opportunity to offer our products to dealers and distributors, and received positive feedback. The visitors had high purchasing power. Last year, we prepared 100 pieces of our organic rice soap, including a large batch of our shower gel, lotions etc – and they all sold out. We observed that our organic, healthy and natural products (with a sense of Thainess) were very well received. As a marketing consultant, I see the Middle East as a remarkable market. If you are confident that your products are high quality, and you can show how your product fits in with their lifestyle, the price should not be a problem. Last year was our first visit and we’d definitely love to join the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman year after year.

Supaporn Klinhom, Owner

Brand:  SPC Group
Category:  Dried Fruit

It was very impressive to exhibit our products at the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman last year. We received good feedback right from the first day. We brought 80 kilograms of our products, and they all sold out within the first three days. We agreed contracts to ship our products to Iran and to a big mall in Oman. Joining this event not only has helped increase our distribution channels, but has widened our vision and experience. Thai fruit receives much attention as Oman does not have much variety in its fruit, and it does not taste as good as in our country. Besides, we’ve learnt that Omanis are very friendly. If time allowed, I’d love to join the event again for sure.

Prateep Kuapisamai, Managing Director

Brand:  Bangpakok 9 International Hospital
Category:  Hospital

Bangpakok 9 International Hospital attended the Thai Trade Exhibition for three years and received very good feedback from customers each time. At the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman 2016, many customers got to know us more, and many of them came to our hospital to obtain medical treatment after the event. Bangpakok 9 International Hospital was established over 30 years ago. Middle East customers know us for our physical therapy, cosmetics, orthopaedics, plastic surgery and general treatment. Normally, Middle East customers trust Thai medical specialists. They are also happy with our good service levels as well as the facilities and high hygiene at reasonable prices. Therefore, it isn’t difficult for the Thai health care business to penetrate the Middle East market. However, I suggest first of all, you should make customers familiar with your brand by regularly attending events there. Participation at Thai Trade Exhibitions is a great channel for this. Moreover, you should offer a variety of treatments and new technologies for customers and give them the opportunity to choose – don’t rush them. It would be great to have offices in the countries we market because then customers can contact us more conveniently. This is the reason why we brought Bangpakok 9 Hospital Rehabilitation Center to Muscat, Oman.

Ak-kharaphat Tangtrongchitr, Managing Director

Brand: Cher-aim
Category:  Health Products

Our company was established three years ago. We distribute Thai herbal health products such as inhalers, balms, massage oils, yellow oil and so on. At present, we foresee the Middle East as a new market for our brand. We are confident that we can be successful after participating at the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman 2016, which was our first event in the Middle East, where we got great feedback from customers. It was way beyond our expectations. Customers in the Middle East were very interested in our products because a large number of them travel to Thailand. They were familiar with Thai herbs and Thai products. Some of them who have never visited Thailand before liked our products because they were exotic and couldn’t be found in their country. Therefore, after attending the fair, we had more customers. We are currently talking to local distributors there. I think the Thai Trade Exhibitions are great because Middle East customers, who are fond of Thai products, will know that Thai brands are happy to knock on their doors. And, I’m sure we will receive a warm welcome from them.

Raewadee Katekaew, Managing Director

Brand: Raewadee Tea
Category:  Food and Drink Products

Established three years ago, the Raewadee brand produces Thai herbal organic tea. Last year, we had the opportunity to participate at the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman 2016, and it was our first time to attend an exhibition in the Middle East. We got very positive feedback from customers there. Our products attracted many customers; some, who had bought our products one day, returned to buy them the next suggesting their friends and acquaintances bought some too. I thought the Thai Trade Exhibition Oman 2016 was a great opportunity for us to enter the Middle East market. After the event, a number of distributors contacted us and requested to be our tea distributors in Oman. I think the customers love our products because our tea tastes good, smells great with Thai herbs, and reduces cholesterol and sugar levels. Many Middle East people have visited Thailand. They are familiar with Thai products and feel confident in the standard of products. I can say that Middle East customers are willing to open their mind to Thai products. Therefore, what Thai entrepreneurs have to do is to develop product quality to meet their satisfaction.